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Ambient Lighting Does More

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Ambient Lighting Does More

Post by Rickaren » Fri Aug 20, 2010 11:13 am

Ambient Lighting Does More Than Look Cool

Aug 20, 2010

A recent study finds that ambient interior lighting does a lot more than just look cool. It actually serves a purpose. Besides simply looking cool, a recent study has found that ambient interior lighting does have more functionality.

The study, conducted by engineers at BMW and the Lighting Engineering Group at Ilmenau University of Technology, concludes that the lighting “intensifies spacial perception, enhances the perceived quality of materials and makes drivers feel safer,” writes Wired’s Autopia. According to the report, drivers believe that blue lighting is brighter than orange or red. This could mean automakers stay away from lighting considered brighter.

What’s more, the study finds that too much light distracts drivers with glare. Researchers report that “well-placed dim lights are just as sufficient as numerous lights,” reports EgmCarTech. The last thing a driver wants while on the road is feeling like they’ve got a ton of bright lights in their eyes, which is reminiscent of an operating room table.

While sexy ambient lighting used to be reserved for more luxurious cars, the trend is now working its way down auto builder’s line ups and into their lists of standard features. “Ford, for example, offers ambient lighting on nearly its entire range of products, as do higher-end manufacturers like Audi and BMW,” writes AutoDen.

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Re: Ambient Lighting Does More

Post by deletedaccount » Fri Aug 20, 2010 6:30 pm

Aviation has known this for decades! Alan Mulally knows it also.

If you have ever been in the cockpit of a plane at night? The lighting options are a pilot's best friend.

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Re: Ambient Lighting Does More

Post by sleeper357 » Thu Sep 02, 2010 8:50 pm

You should see the ambient lighting on my t/c van, make is very easy to find things at night

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