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Roof Rack from 05-07 Ford Freestyle SHOULD fit 08-09 Taurus X

Posted: Thu Nov 14, 2019 12:48 pm
by rdavidharris
I haven't physically tried it, but seeing that many people complain about the roof rack (rear portion, especially) of the 08-09 Taurus X wagon (it can't accept many NORMAL cross bars and other mounts), but the Freestyle can. I was at a junkyard the other day and I took a close look and took some measurements of the roof rack on the Freestyle as far as mounting points to the roof of the car - looks identical to the Taurus X roof mounting points. So, if you are seeking a simpler method for setting up a roof system that can accept most NORMAL basket mounts and cross beam mounts (from Thule/Yakima/universal/eBay/etc), might want to head over to your local DIY junkyard and grab the far more available Ford Freestyle roof rack and simply put it on your Taurus X. See attached pics for what I mean. First two pics of a Freestyle roof. Last pic of the Taurus X rear area showing the rear portion of the roof rack "solid" and you can't easily install most common strap-style rack mounts without "finagling" some sort of "hardware store strut spring screw" and whatnot - or hacking into the plastic of the rear portion of the oem rack - already looked into it. (Unless someone has "come up with something" in the past day or two LOL.) But the Freestyle you should be able to buy any common rack mount to strap right on easy-peasy.

Good thing about the Ford Freestyle - there are more of them in junkyards, and there are lots of body and interior parts you can rob off of one to fit on a Taurus X (been there DONE that many times already!)