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Questions About Removing The Transmission

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Questions About Removing The Transmission

Post by mlochala » Wed Jul 06, 2011 5:20 pm

I have pretty much accepted the fact that I've got to find a replacement tranny for my '02 Taurus or rebuild the one I have. My transmission is a AX4S, or AXOD. Right now, my budget is extremely tight. I have very little money to work with.

When raising the car off the ground, how much clearance will I need for removing the sub-frame and transmission? If I were to raise it 24", would that be sufficient? Or, will I need to go higher?

Also, I've read through the Haynes manual on rebuilding this transmission, and it seems to be rather straight forward. What special tools would I need that are not common? I am very experienced with working on my own vehicles, but I've just never gone into a transmission before. Is this a do-able project for someone who is fairly experienced?

Is there somewhere a better step-by-step tutorial or pictorial of how to remove the transmission from the car?