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parting out 2002 Ford Taurus (blown engine, have almost everything else)

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parting out 2002 Ford Taurus (blown engine, have almost everything else)

Post by 2002taurusparts »

link to photo album w/ tons of photos: https://imgur.com/a/ek3CURY

2002 Ford Taurus SE - 3.0L V6 engine

Known Issues/parts you're not going to want:
-Engine, no compression in at least one cylinder. Car was driving, but running extremely rough and at a max of 20mph or so, was overheating after a mile. We were able to drive through the yard to get it back to the garage, but engine is toast. I already bought a new car and have no interest in troubleshooting anything else on this one.
-Damage to front driver’s side metal panels around headlight, as well as cracked front driver’s side headlight housing
-damage to metal side panels on driver’s side
-damage to passenger side door lock
-Interior damage: smoked inside it so fabrics would smell, grease stains on rear seats, floor mats are worthless trash, stains/glue reside on steering wheel/radio area where i had glued magnets to mount a magnetic phone case onto.

Notable newer parts:
-brand new alternator only ran for ~300miles before engine issues
-spark plugs, installed them in driveway but didnt fix issues so essentially brand new
-2x front disc brake rotors & 2x pads were purchased & replaced on 3/12/2019, so those have a bunch of useful life left in them

If you're looking for any Taurus parts, we'll be parting out this car before hauling it to the scrap yard . You can contact me for any parts you might want, and I can pull them off the car and ship them out. Contact me for the condition of any individual part, or if you'd like me to send a photo of anything I haven't posted already, or in more detail.

I'll update this posting below with parts that have already been sold:
-nothing sold so far