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Install '08 radio into '06?

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Install '08 radio into '06?

Post by rawen2 » Thu May 06, 2010 8:23 pm

The radio/6CD changer in my '06 Five Hundred works fine on AM & FM but the CD skips on the later part of any CD. It plays about the first half of the CD fine. It makes no difference if the CD is home made or store bought.
I'm considering getting a radio/6CD changer from an '08 at a local wrecking yard. This radio has three connectors (besides the antenna) and my current radio has only two. I believe the extra connector is for a subwoofer which my car does not currently have - but I wouldn't mind adding it sometime in the future.
Anyone know if the '08 would work OK in my '06?
It looks like the '05-'08 model Fusions, Mustangs, F150's and Five Hundreds all use basically the same radio.

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Re: Install '08 radio into '06?

Post by jsampsell » Mon May 10, 2010 11:32 am

Ralph - I'm not sure if an 08 radio would work in an 06 or not. It makes sense that they are the same radios but I can't find anything that states that for sure. I'd say your chance of it working is very good but there's certainly a small risk involved. I have the service manual for the 05-07 Five Hundred showing the wiring for both radios. If you think it will help you out, I'm happy to email it to you. Just send me a PM with your email address.

I can tell you that you will probably not be able to use the third connection on the 08 radio since that connection has the amp power and ground, amp remote turn on, and shield wires in it. It is my understanding that your wiring harness just doesn't have those wires going to the trunk if your radio wasn't the Premium radio as originally built. And you won't want to run 20 or 22 gauge power and ground wire for an aftermarket amp. I now have personal experience with the power and ground wire gauge for an aftermarket amp. I just finished my project a couple weeks ago.

So, I wouldn't get the Premium radio just for that extra connection. Especially if it's a little more expensive because of it. That's my two cents. Good luck.
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Re: Install '08 radio into '06?

Post by andysinnh » Mon May 10, 2010 11:59 am

I went thru a similar mental analysis just recently. We just got our son a used Mazda Tribute (aka Ford Escape) and the factory radio had a bum display and the cd would skip after a while. I was looking into getting a factory 6-disc changer off of eBay or a local bone yard, but was concerned I'd spend some money on another problematic CD changer/player (since I know that the Ford players have a hit-or-miss reliability rating). I also remembered from an earlier reply here that you sometimes need to get the new radio programmed to get the lights and other things to work properly when you swap a new OEM radio in...

In my case, I found an amazingly more inexpensive route - and that was to get an aftermarket head unit with all of the install bits from Crutchfield. In my case, the kicker was that I also wanted iPod/mp3 connectivity - and with another OEM unit I'd still need something like a PXAMG or similar device. I got a Kenwood in-dash single disc player with both a USB and mini-phone jack input on the face - along with the fit kit for the car and the wiring harness for the Mazda/Ford - shipped for under $120. And this thing makes the old factory radio sound like cr*p (when it worked). Was a piece of cake to install and looks very clean. And I know that it's new and has a warranty if the CD starts to mess up down the road. This unit was cheaper than an aux input unit - and that would have been in addition to a new OEM unit from a bone yard.

Anyhow - just another option to consider. I'm always reluctant to get a used audio unit with a CD player, since you just never know how well it works...

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