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Instrument panel warning malfunction

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Instrument panel warning malfunction

Post by Jdill »

Anyone have any issues like this? All warning lights and sounds simultaneously go off, AC stops working, speedometer stops working. Then everything goes back to normal. It’s like it is possessed!?!?!

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Re: Instrument panel warning malfunction

Post by srs2016taurus »

2016 Taurus 3.5 V6, Limited...I have the same problem. Car started back in late October 2019 to go all "Regan MacNeil" on me..Car has been at dealership since then. What I was told by the service tech is that there is possibly a short somewhere in the CAN Bus or one of the modules on the CAN bus that is causing the BCM to re-start its self...The dealership has pinned out the buses did not find anything. This took them the better part of 2 weeks to do... lots of connector pins and wires to test for continuity. They though that they had fixed it by disconnecting and reconnecting all the connections on the CAN Bus because the car restarted and ran fine in the shop...And then took the car on a extended test drive* only to have the cars computers to go all "Regan MacNeil" on them again... so now they are back to looking at other wiring harness in the car... and the ABS system** they have also been in contact with Ford about replacing the BCM and the Can bus...since this is all warranty work. The service tech call me every couple of days and updates me on the status...i expect a call in the PM on this Friday I will update Ya'll then.

*Tech drove car home at end of day on 11/14 no problems; tried to start up to dive back to work the next day...had to be towed back to shop . They spent this week (11-19 to 11-21) driving the car around the block of the dealership trying to log whatever transient voltage drop/ spike is causing the computers to tumble and reset. The "gremlin" is so random and all the modules start to tumble so fast and trip the BCM to restart; that the scanning tools can't isolate it.

**Codes having to do with ABS module shorts where found in the system logs when the car got back to shop... ABS system was tested and wiring pinned out no shorts or faults found.

Can Bus is the communications wiring network all the control modules use to communicate with each-other..
BCM is the Body Control Module aka the brain for the car...