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Just Sold My Five Hundred - overall ownership experience

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Just Sold My Five Hundred - overall ownership experience

Post by Tomcat » Fri Jul 05, 2013 10:20 am

Sold my 2006 Five Hundred Limited AWD at 113K and bought a RAM 1500 with 8 speed trans / pentastar 3.6L V6.

Overall, I thought the five hundred was ok (no major problems, nothing really to brag about either). I knew it was underpowered when I bought it, but wanted the space and AWD in winter.

But I think I've experience all the most common repairs that I've seen in this forum:
-Front Wheel Bearing
-Rear Brakes (every 25K)
-Power Steering Pump groaning noise (corrected by replacing fluid)
-Front Stabilizer Links
-Engine roll resistor bushing
-CVT ticking noise (only in cold weather after driving highway speeds)
-Engine surging (minmized after cleaning throttle body)
-Airbag light that comes on occassionally.

New owner just called me to let me know the air conditioner doesn't work very good and thinks I cheated him for not disclosing that(honestly, I didn't know with the cool summer).

Just seems like a lot of issues for a car that was garaged, maintained on schedule and really not driven that hard and I really consider the CVT as a time bomb (at 5K to repair). It basically turns a decent car into scrap.

Maybe its just newer technology but with 1,300 lbs additional curb weight and increased aero drag the Ram only gets about 2 MPG less. The pentastar is a lot quieter, more powerful than the Duratech 3.0 and actually sounds good at high RPMs. Just hard to find anything I've given up to move to the Ram (other than garage space).

Thanks to all who provided info on repair tips as this has saved me $$$ on many occasions.

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