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2014 Taurus Rear Brake lines

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2014 Taurus Rear Brake lines

Post by JoeSwens » Tue Nov 20, 2018 11:07 pm

Hi All,

I just put new brakes and new brake hoses on all 4 corners of my 2014 Ford Taurus Limited with 90k. However, my right rear brake line fitting got messed up. How difficult is it to replace the rear main brake lines?

I have actually already bought the rear brake lines from Ford. Catalog: TAURUS CPH 2010 Section: 206-06/17 REAR BRAKE LINES (FROM 06/15/2009) part number 9J279
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It looks like there are gas lines included as part of the assembly and the brake lines run from the master cylinder to the back brake hoses. So I am wondering what is involved in the replacement, I hope I don't have to drop the gas tank?


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