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Right Front Strut Issues

Posted: Thu Oct 03, 2019 11:22 am
by FoMoCo2010
Right Front Strut Issues, I'm having issues with my daughters 2010 Taurus limited, the problem is the right front strut has been replaced now 4 times. from the start i had both front struts replaced with NEW loaded Monroe struts. The right front is only lasting maybe 1-2 weeks. When you turn the wheel it sounds like your flipping a spring (hard to explain the noise) but the problem has been the lower spring rubber has twisted out of the pocket, upper bearing has went bad...each time it's one or the other. I've had her car in the shop each time and i just cant understand what they are doing that would cause this issue. Does anyone have experience with this problem....... it's starting again, when you turn the wheel you can see the strut turn and then the spring starts to turn, it's like it's in a bind.