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Sound upgrade for 2010 SEL

Posted: Tue Oct 08, 2019 1:56 pm
by Maplicito
Hi guys - my dad recently got a 2010 Taurus SEL, and while he likes the car, it has been a definite downgrade to what we had done to his last car sound-wise. He's getting up there in years, and I would love to get him a sound system that makes him smile again. It's snowy here and I don't have a garage, so I'm just in the early planning stage, but I'm hoping you guys can help me out. I have tried the search function, and maybe I'm just not being thorough enough, but I'm not finding what I'm looking for.

I'll explain how I currently envision the end product, and ask my questions from there:

I have salvaged two pairs of Hertz Energy 6.5" component speakers. I also have a Helix Dark Blue 5 amp from my previous car. Initially, I would like to start by getting the Hertz speakers in both his front and rear doors. After that, I would like to put a pair of 6.5" subs in his rear deck - either a pair of Sundown Audio subs, or a pair of Memphis Audio Mojos. From there, I would probably add the amp, but at a later date.

Now, I'm trying to figure out how this needs wired. Crutchfield has told me that the 2010 SEL with the non-nav Sony Synch 12 speaker package has an amplifier for the 6x9 deck subs, but that there is no amplifier for the other speakers; that they are powered by the deck, and that all of them, including the front door woofers and pillar tweeters, are full range signals. Looking at a Scosche manual though, it indicates that there IS an amplifier for all the other speakers, in the trunk area - if so, I don't know if those would be full range signals or not - and if not, I'm not sure how to wire up the Hertz speakers as they run off a crossover that needs fed a full range signal. Or perhaps that would just necessitate getting the amplifier installed right off the bat? But then, I guess I'm still dealing with the problem of not getting a full range signal for the front doors.

Are any of you able to help clear things up for me, so I know what I need to plan for? Thanks!

Re: Sound upgrade for 2010 SEL

Posted: Wed Oct 09, 2019 8:07 pm
by Maplicito

Re: Sound upgrade for 2010 SEL

Posted: Tue Oct 29, 2019 6:53 pm
by KROD13
I am having issues also. I want to upgrade my stereo sync navigation sony sound with just a head unit and retain all my factory controls (ie steering wheel controls). My car is push button start and Metra Scosche iData all say it is not recommended. I wish you all the luck. I just want a nice Kenwood in my car. The stock one sucks big time.