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HELP! Can't remove control arm bushing! 2011 Taurus

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HELP! Can't remove control arm bushing! 2011 Taurus

Post by zogthegreat »

Hi everyone!

I'm replacing my lower control arms on my 2011 Taurus SEL and I've encountered a problem with removing the bushings.


I've tried hammering it off and prying it off. Does anyone have any suggestions? I really would like to reuse them as they are still good and new ones are $50.00 ea.



Greg Ski
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Re: HELP! Can't remove control arm bushing! 2011 Taurus

Post by Greg Ski »

You'll NEVER hammer the bushing off. You need to either press them off with a hydraulic press if you want to reuse them which I wouldn't recommend or get the proper puller that pulls on the INNER steel of the bushing. For the hassle of getting them off and pressing them back on and getting another alignment do it right the first time. Once they get pressed on you might need to pull it a bit further on the control arm. Use a vise to hook the vise jaw on the tiny nub on the control arm and tou can press it the last 1/4" or so to get the holes to line up with those in the frame. There isn't anything much on the internet telling you how to do it. However there is one guy who did a blue Ford 500 which is essentially the same set up and he has some really helpful tips.