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Newbie SHO owner

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Newbie SHO owner

Post by 904SHO » Sun Feb 21, 2016 9:58 pm

Greetings from Florida. I recently purchased a 67k mile 2010 SHO and so far I'm beyond impressed with the car and the technology crammed into it. As a long term Ford enthusiast I was looking for something different and totally forgot about the SHO until I ran across one and fell instantly in love with it.

I've done some searching and so far I know the original owner was in Maryland and judging from what service records I've seen thus far, he appears to be an enthusiast and not just a regular type of owner. His name is Harry Skruch from near Baltimore and I'm wondering if anyone here knows of him and/or the car.

So far it appears the car is one of 368 Atlantic Green SHO's. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. I've read that this color (UL) was only offered on the SHO and only in 2010 and there were 368 produced. I've yet to obtain an authenticity certificate but do plan to do so.

The car is a rapid spec 402a pkg with ACC, voice activated nav, multi-contoured seat, 20" 5 spoke wheels, cali emissions, front license brkt and 245/45R20 v-rated tires as options listed on the original sticker. It is a non - PP car but being a diesel guy I like the taller gear and especially wouldn't have given up ACC had I ordered it. It's almost as if I ordered the car myself.

I'm surprised these cars are obtainable at the going prices and have already thought of buying a second one before they're all ragged out...and I'm surprised they're not worth more than they are currently. I have to say I'm impressed with the amenities and technology. The car is a blast to drive and to me, sexy looking. Of course I've already got a list of mods whirling around my brain and I'm marinating on those - from cosmetic to performance - so I have some questions....I have searched but looking for recent answers.

Is there somewhere that breaks down production numbers by color then by options? I've searched but not found.

Is Livernois the way to go for a tuner?

Will the LED tail lights from the '13 fit?

Has anybody painted a grille and surround the body color of the car and if so, the spear between the tail lights and also the emblems? I'm not a chrome fan and am still mulling over what to do with the trim around the windows. I don't want to de-badge it so I'm thinking of body color painting them. Not interested in the blacked out stuff but rather body color if anyone has done it.

The only thing that doesn't work is the rear shade. It makes noise back there when the button is pushed but doesn't move. It's currently in the stowed position.

Bass rattle back yonder. I've read different things but came to no definitive solution. What, for the love of god, is it?

I'll start here and hopefully get some answers and a direction to head in. Thanks in advance.
2010 SHO rapid spec 402a bone stock for now

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Re: Newbie SHO owner

Post by 2011TAURUSSEL » Fri Feb 26, 2016 6:13 am

Greetings and welcome aboard I can start with a few answers to get you started.

Livernois Tuner: Although not the only tuning kit out there this is one of the more popular ones, and from what I gather fairly easy to install if you follow the instructions.

LED Retrofit: I am fairly confident in a NO.....Sorry

Grille paint: Not sure but Plasti Dip seems to be fairly popular although not with me.

Rear Shade: Could be stuck

BASS: The rear deck speakers is where the SUBS are if its a 2010 they could be on their way out. Perfect time for upgrade.
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