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1995 ford taurus parasitic draw problem

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1995 ford taurus parasitic draw problem

Post by ford59galaxie » Wed Mar 08, 2017 7:54 pm

I have a 1995 ford taurus with the 3.0 engine. For the last year or so, I have had problems with this car battery dying when sitting overnight. The problem is really weird as it seems to come and go which makes it hard to work on and diagnose. Today, I hooked up a multimeter between the negative battery post and cable and had a draw of around 2 amps. (This is after I removed the fuse for the interior courtesy lights while working on it, and also the light bulb under the hood). I then proceeded with the parasitic draw test and pulled every single fuse and relay out of both fuse boxes - (the one under the dash and under the hood). The result did not change that draw at any point, it stayed at a steady current draw of around 2 amps. I am now stumped, I realize that a draw of 2 amps while the car is completely shut off and key removed is way too high. What can I do now to try to diagnose where this draw could possibly be happening at?

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Re: 1995 ford taurus parasitic draw problem

Post by The Bone » Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:20 am

This is going to be hard to fix. It has to be in the charging or starting system because those are the only systems not protected buy fuses. It may be the alternator because the regulator is built in and it may be shorting out. It could also be the starter the part that in gauges the starter gear onto the flex plate could have a short. The name of the part escapes me. It could be a bad ignition selector block that is on the steering column under the dash. It has a arm that goes from the key down to this switch and I have replaced a few of them . Dont just go and replace all these things it's just some ideas as to where to look.

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