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Antifreeze drip leak from unknown hole, beneath freeze plug

Posted: Sat Jan 11, 2020 9:27 am
by Taktiks
Successfully replaced the plugs on both sides without dropping trans and tilting engine. Instead, I removed a lot of stuff atop the engine especially the exhaust manifolds and dropped exhaust. Used mirrors, lights, and an endoscope to guide removal of rusted plugs. The one between the engine and firewall was especially challenging. I finally got it punched using a pneumatic Palm Nailer outfitted with a small and sharpened chisel. Then with a heated and bent long screwdriver, I was able to knock corroded plug into the block (retried with a magnet). Cleaned with a cordless Milwaukee die grinder with a 1 1/2" wire wheel.
So, what is wrong? There is a small hole underneath the freeze plug and it is leaking a drip here and there.
Is this a block drain plug
Do you know if it has a cap, an allen-head screw or what?