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05' 500, shutter/stutter on acceleration

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05' 500, shutter/stutter on acceleration

Post by Mustgofaster »

Hi all, new member here.... I did a search but didn't come up with anything that looked like my problem, so I'll ask here.

I have an 05' 500 with the CVT trans and just shy of 140k on the clock. plugs were replaced/gapped about 15k miles ago. All in all this has been a great car... Basic maint & gas.

On my way home from work today the car would shutter or stutter on moderate acceleration. Light acceleration seemed OK and if I accelerated a little the shutter goes away.I noticed it the most In typical highway accordion traffic, accelerating moderately from about 30-50mph.

At this point I cannot tell if it is the engine stumbling or the trans. I watched the tach when it would shutter but did not see any change in RPM.

It is very noticeable... Enough that I was debating if I should continue to drive it home and enough that I am surprised that I didn't see it in the tach.

Oh, and no check engine light/codes as of yet.

Any ideas? Has anyone else come across this kind of problem.

Thanks for your time.

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Re: 05' 500, shutter/stutter on acceleration

Post by BobM »

I don't know what the issue is, but the first thing that I would do is clean the MAF sensor, especially if it has not been cleaned recently. I say this only because it is so quick and easy and may solve the problem. If not, you have eliminated one possible.source.
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