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Stiff steering,bad rack?

Posted: Thu Jun 13, 2019 10:14 pm
by ks25
Hoping for some ideas here. Steering became stiff,kinda jerky. Replaced rack, worked great for about 5 days then back to what it was. Got another rack through warranty, worked about 2 days then back to original problem. Didn't figure got 2 bad racks. Replaced pump,no change. Replaced pressure hose, no change. Chased all other lines with air, all free,blew cooler out. System has been flushed twice. Unhooked steering from rack, steering shaft is free. Unhooked tie rods, rack was still stiff. Pump sucks fluid down so seems to be working. Air is out of system. A buddy of mine that owns a shop says the seal inside pry leaked and got fluid on the other side causing to steer hard. Is it possible that I got another bad rack? Both of these are cardone remans, pry should of known better. Trying to figure out what way to go next. Thanks in advance.