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2013 Taurus police transmission problem p0774

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2013 Taurus police transmission problem p0774

Post by Nightfall » Mon Dec 04, 2017 8:04 pm

Looking for a good point of direction/advice.
Transmission was groaning at 5th/6th gear engagement . Took it to Ford dealer for flash update and have Digital Speedo turned on they also looked over the transmission and claimed it was 6qt low on fluid hard to believe as there are no leaks and I checked it few weeks ago . Long story short $700 later transmission flush done by dealer picked up car and it started slipping and went into limp mode took it back and they want $6000 for rebuild. Anyways will deal with em later as it's my only car. Took to local shop codes show bad selonoid p0774 etc. Was cheaper to buy a used trans instead of rebuild. Ordered one online had it installed. It ran great for a day then boom exact same issue in limp mode, p0774, 5th gear start.
Stumped right now and clueless on what to do or what can be the culprit.
All sensors tested, no check engine light, never any PCM fault codes only transmission.
The car this transmission came out of only had 60k so it can't just have the exact same issue as my car.
Please advice anyone !!

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