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UnFordunate Events

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UnFordunate Events

Post by McAnic_Chad » Tue Dec 05, 2017 1:38 am

:!: 05 Montego 6speed
2 months ago I did my 5000mile oil change at 9000miles (first late oil change past 500miles in the cars life) and two days after the oil change I felt a jolt/jerk while driving (35mph) and the oil light & "oil pressure low" message​ decorated my dash. I check the oil, filter, & drain plug to make sure I hadn't​ gotten overly confident & not tightened something. Everything was well & the oil light didn't return for 2 days. When it did return, it came on at every red light so I purchased an oil pressure sensor/switch. The oil light never returned after the purchase, literally from the auto zone parking, no more oil light. I never installed the switch, & the car drove fine until about 2 Fridays ago. I was driving along and I felt the jerk/jolt again at about 40-45mph, it felt like a misfire but it was just one quick jolt. I kept an eye on the dash, plugged in my scanner for real time info, & kept on crusing. About 30 mins later, I felt the jolt again and the "check charging system" message came on along with the battery light. I pulled into an auto parts lot & got the free batt/alt check & both the battery & alt failed. (Figures, I'm a mobile mechanic & I give several jumps in a week & my work lights drain the battery frequently) For the rest of that night the car hesitated under acceleration as if it was misfiring and under too much load it would go into failsafe mode. I scanned it & got "throttle actuator stuck open" and "throttle actuator stuck closed" displayed. Replacing batt & alt changed nothing besides the battery​ light & charging system message. Now I don't get a failsafe condition but constant stumble/jerky/misfire feeling under even light acceleration. The car was donated to me from a family member that is a Ford salesman and was well taken care of at the dealership it came from brand new. I am a mechanic myself & I'm not one for throwing parts at any car. I am stumped. I cleaned my throttle body (which was impressively clean in the first place) & nothing changed. I have scanned & scanned & get random codes that make no sense. I do drive the car quite a bit as it is my only source of income as a mobile mechanic & my only transportation at the time. (Easily hit the 5000mile oil change mark in 5-8 weeks) it currently has 195k on the clock. Wtf am I overlooking?! I constantly​ diagnose & repair my client's vehicles without issues but this his my mind blown. Any input from you all is valuable. Thanks.
I could be over thinking some simple logic.... All over this happened in one oil life cycle starting suddenly 2 days after an oil change. Never a problem before.

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