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2000 Sable coolant not leaving reservoir.

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Vehicle: 2000 Sable DOHC

2000 Sable coolant not leaving reservoir.

Post by marconesme » Tue Dec 26, 2017 6:18 pm

A "Y" shaped coolant hose came apart and leaked coolant everywhere. After I replaced it, I filled the reservoir per instructions but nothing drained out of it. Even when the car got to temperature and the heater was on. The low coolant light is also on, no surprise there. So I figured that it would leave the reservoir when it needs it. Fast foward to a few weeks later...It doesn't look like any has left the reservoir still. I keep randomly checking it and the level is the same, the car never overheats, the heater works fine, the low light is still on. But I noticed today that the coolant looks brown.
This is the only car I have had that doesn't have a radiator cap, so I am not exactly sure how it works.
Any ideas?

It's the LS premium with DOHC if that helps

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Re: 2000 Sable coolant not leaving reservoir.

Post by ChartGuy » Tue Dec 26, 2017 7:46 pm

The tank is part of the pressurized coolant system. It fills to a level as marked on the tank. Cold fill lines. The radiator cap is on the tank. OE had lots of problems not holding pressure. 2 of my 4 have had caps fail to hold. New design by Motorcraft work well. When hot the coolant level will rise a small amount. It should always be between the lines on the tank when at room temperature.


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