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2009 Taurus X SEL - Unlocking repeatedly standing or driving

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2009 Taurus X SEL - Unlocking repeatedly standing or driving

Post by Kimosan » Thu May 03, 2018 4:40 pm

I have a 2009 Taurus X SEL Wagon. The door lock motors will actuate on their own, sometimes repeatedly and rapidly, while car is parked or driving. If left overnight, this activity will drain the battery. I use it as my utility vehicle and only has 53K miles on it. It's also an outdoor car so I suspected moisture issues.

By suggestion, I've disconnected KeyFob Batteries, door lock actuator switches and re-seated #17 Fuse. I'm thinking GEModule and these are no longer available from dealer. It has been also suggested that I just pull the fuse and get on with life. BUT doing this deactivates the electric tailgate lock, the very reason I keep the car.

I've found replacement GEMs but wonder what I'm getting into with KeyFobs "talking" to the replacement GEM and locking code change. I've read of "cleaning" GEM fixes, but coming from a digital repair world I know there can be more problems or failure brought to the table here.

The car is otherwise in excellent condition and a few hundred dollars is worth my time!

Has anyone gone down this road? OR Know the GEM replacement process?

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