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How To Install Splash Guards

Want to keep your car cleaner? Installing splash guards (a.k.a. mud flaps, mud guards, spats) is an easy way to help keep that new car looking new longer. Thanks goes out to our member Power Surge for the article.


Okay, here we go...

First of all, you'll need to remove the wheels. I'd suggest doing both fronts, then both rears. I'm not going to lecture anyone on proper jacking and wheel removal.. if you can't figure that out, then you shouldn't be doing this Smile.

Also, if you are doing this yourself, make sure you order the small parts that go with the TSB, because you'll need them.


Pull the wheels. If the car is dirty (like ours was), I suggest cleaning the general area with some glass cleaner or something similar.

There are two push pins and one screw pin (they are called "scrivets"). You need to remove all three. Refer to picture below..

2006 Ford Five Hundred Splash Guards

Use a panel tool to remove the push pins. Don't worry if you damage them getting them off if they are stubborn, you won't be re-using them...

2005 Ford 500 Mudflaps

At this point, the lower part of the inner fender will be loose from the body. I suggest cleaning the area behind it, before going any further, as our's was pretty dirty back there.

Hold the front spat in place, and use three new scrivets to attach it back through the three factory holes. You'll need to drill the 4th hole. You can do it with the spat in place. You are only drilling through the plastic lower rocker molding. Use a 19/64" drill bit and drill the 4th hole...


Now insert the 4th scrivet and you are done. Repeat for the other front side.


If you car has a build date of BEFORE 9/29/05 (as our 06 did), you will need to order the two "rear shields" that are listed in the TSB.

Remove the rear wheels. On the rear, there are phillips screws instead of scrivets and push pins. Take out the bottom most screw that attaches the bumper skin to the body, and the one next up from it (there is a third one up top, but it has nothing to do with the install).

If you need to do the shields, now is the time to do them. What you are doing, is taking out the stock ones, and replacing them with the new ones.

Here is the difference in stock (pre-9/29/05) and TSB shields. You'll note the different bottoms, where the new ones have the extra section for the spats to attach...

Ford 500 Photo

Once the outer screws are removed (in the prior step), the pass side shield is just held in with two scrivets. Remove them and the shield comes out. Before installing the new shields, you need to drill an extra hole for the spat. Hold the rear spat in place, and mark the extra hole, and drill it with a 15/64" drill bit...


Now you can install the shields. You'll need to install a quick nut onto the missing spot on the new spat (see shield pic), so you can either use a new one if you got it, or swap one from the old shield. Then put the pass side shield back in place, with the two scrivets. When you do the driver's side, instead of two scrivets, the stock shield is held on with actual metal rivets. To remove, knock the center pin out with a punch, and then drill the head off. Then knock the remainder out. Replace with two scrivets upon shield install. Here's a pic of the metal rivets...


Once the new shields are in place (if required), then simply hold the new rear spats in place, and screw them down. You'll need two new screws per side...

rear installed

Put the rear wheels on, and you're done!!

Here's some pics of the car with the new spats (and fresh Zaino detail)...